the crew

eric johnson

founder, co-owner, brewer

eric has been busting his ass to make his dream come true of opening brutal beerworks to the public. He is excited to bring nrh and dfw some fresh and awesome new beers.

sallie mcintyre

co-owner, operations

sallie mainly keeps behind the scenes with paperwork, event planning and pouring some rad suds.

jason perez

co-owner, brewer

"what i thought was just a hobby, turned into a passion and that passion turned into a career. I started as a home brewer and have been blessed to be given a chance to become a professional brewer. i'm excited more than ever to take this passion to the next level."

kathy perez


"beer has become part of my life since 2009. from home brewer assistant to vacations around the united states centered around breweries. my faith in god has helped this dream come true. you speak it, he listens."

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